Water is a precious resource

Scottish Water and eight Scottish Housing Associations are working in partnership on a new and innovative project to explore water and energy efficiency.

The project will look at how much water is used in and around our homes and the energy associated with how often and how much we make use of this precious natural resource.

Based upon the initial findings, we will use a variety of measures which will help tenants better manage their water usage and reduce their energy costs.

The project will also help towards reducing the tenant’s carbon footprint enabling us all to do our own little bit in helping protect Scotland’s natural environment and resources.

Why is water efficiency important in Scotland when it rains so much?
It takes a lot of energy to treat and pump drinking water before it even gets to our taps. Once it reaches our homes, around 23% of our heating bill is then used to heat that water, most of which ends up down the drain after it is used.

Therefore, using water wisely is good for our energy bills and the environment.