Etive Technologies were chosen to work with Scottish Water on this important project due to their proven track record of delivering innovative projects in the housing sector across the UK.

The Water Efficiency Trial consist of a combination of tools and measures, expected to provide a better understanding over time of how customer consumption patterns and behaviours responds to a range of water efficiency measures within Scotland as well as assessing the relative cost / benefit of each of these measures. The plan itself was approved by Scottish ministers in November 2011.

We are looking to recruit 2,000 new and recently built houses to the trial.

Customers who take part in the trial would have a monitor and data logger installed on their supply pipes to measure how much water they use. Signals from these smart monitors will be sent by text message to provide a greater depth of information than would be possible from simple monitors. There is also the benefit that there will be no need for anyone to call round to take readings.